Pecan Pie - sans corn syrup

I know this post is a little late, but I did make a pecan pie on Thanksgiving, even though here in NZ we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Of course that’s not to say we’re not thankful for things in general, we just don’t do the holiday. Pecan pie is not terribly common here, and pumpkin pie - almost unheard of.

So why did I make a pecan pie? Well, I made two of them in fact. My husband is American by birth and he loves pecan pie, (I love it too, but we’ll pretend I made it just for him) and my darling daughter phoned me the night before Thanksgiving and told me that she had been invited to a dinner with some American friends and needed one to take for dessert.

There is just one problem with making a pecan pie in NZ. Corn syrup is like hens teeth, it’s here, but when you need it you can never find the one store that stocks it. So I needed to make one with no corn syrup. I also prefer to make things without it to be honest and I am sure I am not the only one.

However, I managed to find a lovely recipe online thank you Chef Eddy that was corn syrup free.

So I made two of these babies - one for Leah to take to her dinner and one for us to eat - just because we love pecan pie. One of them literally was whipped out of the oven by Leah’s friend and whisked out the door. I was keeping my fingers crossed that it was actually done!

I used a basic pate brise recipe for the crust, which was very light and rolled out well. I tend to avoid using shortening unless it’s really needed. I like the flavour that butter gives to a pie crust.

When ever I make this pie, I always think that walnuts would make a very nice substitute, I must try that one day.

It’s Isaac’s 5th birthday tomorrow, and for New Zealand children that means they are old enough to start primary school. So I’m busy in the kitchen tonight making cupcakes! Wish me luck for tomorrow for a party with twelve 4 year olds!