Out Standing in their Fields

Out Standing in their Fields - not literally - but figuratively speaking of course. Farmers’ Markets New Zealand, in conjuction with the REAL New Zealand Festival, is giving a national series of FREE Farmers’ Market cooking and producer demonstrations. This is a fantastic opportunity to see your local produce cooked and prepared in front of you by some very talented people. Well known chefs will be making appearances, like Brett McGregor, Jonny Schwass, Julie Biuso and Chef of the Year, David Schofield.Make sure you check out the link to Outstanding in their Fields to see when and were you need to be to catch this treat! There are even prizes to be had! It’s happening in a local Farmers market near you!

I plan on heading down to The Otago Farmers market tomorrow to see Alison (our regular farmers market chef) and husband Simon along with Steve Ellwood and Tony Heptinstall. I bet they’ll be cooking up a storm! Check out the Out Standing in their Fields Blog for all the updates, videos and recipes from the road! After the event I’ll be cooking something based on the chef’s demonstration for those of you that can’t be there for the day. Hope to see lots of you there!