Otago Farmers Market

Saturday mornings in our house are a sleepy scramble to get to the
Farmers market before the produce selection dwindles to the last few apples and bunches of slightly wilted coriander. The stalls are stacked with piles and crates of local produce and artisan foods. Beautiful, fresh, seasonal and often organic produce is just the best!

This would have to be my favourite place to spend an hour ambling about and inevitably bumping into familiar people, catching up over a good cup of coffee or a Chinese dumpling.

The farmers market changes weekly with something new to enjoy and try every visit.

Beautiful Peonies at the farmers market - within a couple of days these will be big fat blooms.

Urenika (also known as Peruperu) in the back of this photo a potato that has a bright purple flesh, and retains this deep royal purple colour when cooked.

In the front, Oca or Yams as NZer’s call them. I think these have
always been my most favourite vegetable. In our house we like to roast these with a little olive oil and butter, season with coarse salt and cracked pepper. Golden yellow when cooked, they have a slight tang and a sweetness that is unlike anything else. Served hot as a side vegetable, tossed into a casserole or cold in salads.

The ones pictured above are seed Urenika and Oca. Kiwis now is the time to get these into the garden if you would like to try to grow some.

Isaac’s favourite stop at the farmers market is the lemonade stand: for $2 you can get a chilled glass of lemonade, or in the winter, hot lemonade. Falafel too for $1 - delicious!

A local icecream company, The Gourmet Icecream Co. What more can I say? It’s delicious! Large and small sizes - above you can see white chocolate and milk chocolate icecream.

They make some flavours just for grown-ups too, Speights (a local beer) brandysnap and Peanutslab icecreams. If you miss them at the farmers market they have a store close by that you can call into for a taste!

Yep, you are reading that correctly. Ostrich and Black Beer pie. Who ate
all the pies have been regulars at the farmers market for a long time, their Chicken, Bacon and Thyme pie often ends up on our dinner table on a Saturday evening. One of these days I will be brave enough to try the Ostrich pie.

Not just about the food, there are always buskers at the market. Always something different, I’m not sure about the apples that this gentleman is getting as a tip though! We were also treated to a juggler, the Christchurch Concert Band, and a singer.

This will continue to be one of my favourite haunts in Dunedin. I only wish that the farmers market was larger; I am sure there are a lot of locals that would love the opportunity to sell their wares here.