I Can Haz Giraffes?

I know this is not my usual topic but I thought I might diverge just this once. You see, I felt sorry for the one million giraffes guy - he’s getting desperate to prove to his friend Jorgen that the people of the internet can in fact produce one million Giraffes before 2011.

Being of a slightly geeky nature, from time to time I feel compelled to help him get his one million giraffes. I’ve submitted several already, including one made out of macaroni. Why? Because I can. I like to do my bit for internet culture. So without further ado here is my Giraffe for the week. Yes I know it’s a pretty poor excuse for a Giraffe, but hey, it’s drawn on the back of a scrap of paper with ball point pen, not exactly great art materials!

If you too would like to be a part of the Giraffe movement you can send them into him here at his blog One Million Giraffes and check out the Giraffe of the day!