Japan - My thoughts are with you

I am stunned beyond belief with the images that flood our screens and the videos that are posted online.

I have no words to say how utterly shocked I am at the vast destruction, it seems too awful to be a reality. It truly is like some nightmare that cannot be happening. I am miles away at the bottom of the planet and my home is safe and warm, but I cannot push aside the feeling that I need to be doing something for you. I feel so helpless in the face of such destruction and loss of life. I can only imagine how you who have lost whole cities and everything you own, all your family .. must feel.

My heart aches for you.

There is a fund-raiser here in Dunedin
on Sunday at Pinehill school for Japan - if you are local please go along or take some goods to donate.

To make a donation to organisations that are helping in the midst of this terrible catastrophe see the list below for some suggestions.

From my family to the people of Japan - our thoughts are with you - be