What is an Egg Cosy?

I know what an egg cosy is. I also know what an egg cup is. But it seems from one of the discussion forums that I spend a bit of time on that a good number people have never heard of this strange colonial custom and it’s quaint accessories. So what better excuse to soft boil an egg, plop it in an egg cup, make toast soldiers and knit an egg cosy for you all to see. I can’t really call this a recipe, nor can I even lay claim to designing the pattern for the cosy. So this is really just a little fun.

When I was little my mother would make us soft boiled eggs for breakfast sometimes, they would always be tucked in one of our favourite egg cups, with the yogi bear salt and pepper shakers on the table. They would be topped off with an egg cosy, to keep our eggs warm and to look pretty darn cute.

My five year old loves soft boiled eggs and toast soldiers. I do have to admit I have deprived him of an egg cosy up until today, so he was pretty excited to have a little yolk yellow and cream coloured egg cosy with rabbit ears.

This is an egg cosy made with this very quick and easy free pattern.
The egg cosy took me under an hour to make. I suspect it would have taken about 30 minutes at the most, if Isaac had not been constantly asking me if it was finished and if I was going to be knitting for the whole day, and the cat had not pulled half the stitches off in the middle.

The pattern for the egg cosy is originally knitted in Angora, and they are very cute knitted in the fluffy yarn. I just made this with some scraps I happened to have in the house. The yarn used is 4 ply/fingering weight wool, and that’s pretty much all I know, the labels are long gone. The pattern is available from The knitting Hut for free.

There are a couple of errors in the pattern, in the first decrease row at the very end of the row it says Sl1 Sl1 twice - this should just be once.

There is also an error in the pattern for the inner ear on the decrease.
I just fiddled around with it till it looked right. Since you are only working with 5 stitches it’s not hard to fix.

Oh - one other thing, Kit wanted me to mention that he had to go out in a hailstorm to buy these egg cups for me and that the woman in the store thought he was insane rushing to buy egg cups in the hail. Of course you and I know it was worth it, so you could have this post without my icky old chipped egg cups and you get to look at nice new polka dot ones instead.