National Clean out your Fridge Day.

Apparently November the 15th is National Clean out your Fridge Day -
American readers I have to apologise.. but really - a National Day for
cleaning out your fridge? I’m really hoping that you do actually clean
out your fridges more than once a year!.

However, in the spirit of your National Day - I cleaned out my fridge, a
little late, but my heart was in it.

After mopping up the large puddle of water in the bottom of the fridge I
found some things that were less than appetising, as well as some little
gems that I had forgotten I had!

So embarrassingly .. I am going to share with you - my fridge - pre
cleaning out.

Let me start by explaining the green blob on the right .. it is not
edible, it never was, it was never intended to be, it’s slime green

I deliberately did not include the vegetables down the bottom, because
they are flaccid and sad, wilting in the vegetable keeper, I was just
too ashamed to let you see them.

The bowl in the bottom shelf at the back, contains something that I can
no longer identify, and I am scared to take off the plastic wrap, I’m
contemplating just throwing the entire bowl into the rubbish - it might
be less traumatic for me and the contents.. since I think it has begun
to breath.

Two shelves above, sits a tasty dip that my 4 year old declared ” It
tastes like old people”. He’s not being entirely fair on the dip, it was
actually quite tasty!

A roll of Filo pastry, that has miraculously managed to ” crisp” nicely
in the fridge, I wonder if I could use it like that?

And of course, the proof that I did actually clean out my fridge!

Now I have to go to the supermarket!