Blog o' the week


One of the best ways to pass the time in the evenings is to potter about
on the net and discover the interesting things that people are blogging
about. Tartelette is a blog I’ve become
rather fond of, in much the same way as I am fond of my steaming hot cup
of tea or my heater stealing cat. They are all an integral part of my
day and if they are missing, it feels like something is terribly wrong.

Some blogs become like old friends, where you get to know the writer and
the characters that feature in their lives, their likes and dislikes,
and you almost begin to feel like you have them living next door and
could invite them in to chat and watch you wash dishes or some other
such enticing activity. Not that I think for one moment Helen from
Tartelette would want to watch me wash dishes, although I could be wrong? Just let me know if you would like to
take me up on that Helen, New Zealand is not really *that* far away.

Helen has a background as a pastry chef in a French restaurant. Her love
of all things sweet and her talent for creating food which just makes
your jaw drop it’s so stunning, is obvious. Her photography is superb
and her blog is such a pleasure to spend time on. There is many a food
blogger that would give their left big toe to have her flair.

I’ve cooked and baked many recipes from her pages, some successful and
some not so successful. I would like to emphasise here, that the things
that did not work out so well were because of my incompetence, the
alignment of the moon, or the food equivalent of a bad hair day, not
because of Helen’s recipes.

Her explanations are easy to follow and her recipes make you want to
swoon, yes really, they are fall on the floor gorgeous. She is the
reigning macaron queen. What is a macaron you say? Take a look at this
and then tell me you do not want to run to Helen’s house and ask her to
marry you on the spot.

Image used with permission from Helen at

Packed with other interesting titbits about her trips and surrounds, it
will keep you entertained for hours. Voted one of the top 50 NY Times
food blogs, Helen has really earned her place. My family thanks you for
all the delicious treats that have been scoffed rapidly by them, that
have had their origins on your pages.