Blog o' the week - Crazy Mom Quilts

I stumbled upon this wonderful blog this week that has actually inspired me to get out my sewing machine. Now if you know me, you will know that is almost like seeing the proverbial pig fly.

I have a sewing machine that has been sitting in my wardrobe gathering dust for so long now, I think the last time I pulled it out was to make a Halloween costume for Leah when she was about 8, and she’s 21 now. I think the costume most likely just consisted of two straight seams, which probably took me an hour or so to do.

But here’s what happened .. I saw this quilt

This wonderful quilt belongs to and was created by the very talented
Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts. I am officially in love with this quilt. It’s called a Ticker tape quilt. It’s made of lots of tiny little pieces of fabric.

She has a staggering number of the most gorgeous quilts I have ever seen, and has an amazing knowledge that she is willing to share. There are walk through tutorials on specific quilts as well as more general tutorials on quilting methods.

She has a very simple and clear method of instruction, so much so that I think I can actually make this quilt! If you have any inclination to make something like this, do head over to her blog and have a look .. it is a
wonderful place to spend some time and admire her very real talent and creative flare. I promise once I get started on my quilt I will give you some updates here, mistakes, tears and tantrums, all of which are more than likely.